Painter Contact Eric & Kelly Kemlag

 Home Services /  LaBelle

Golf carts and mowers sales and service Contact BeBe Polhill

 Lawn Equipment & Utility/Personal Vehicles /  LaBelle

Airport Contact Lillie Rodriguez

 Transportation Services /  LaBelle

Funeral Home Contact Daniel Akin

 Funeral Services /  LaBelle

Salon Contact Kaylynn Doll

 Personal Care Services /  LaBelle

American Legion Auxiliary Post 130 Club

 Clubs /  LaBelle

Contact the Commander

 Clubs /  LaBelle

Art shows and online gallery. Contact Mike Shough

 Arts & Entertainment /  LaBelle

Grocery store (formerly known as Save-A-Lot) Contact David Childs, Manager

 Retail /  LaBelle

Marketing consultation, digital marketing, graphic design, and web Design

 Business Services /  LaBelle

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